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    Technical Resourcing Solutions

    Finding the right person, for the right job, in a manner that is professional and time efficient with the right skill set is a challenging. At Norleaf, we maintain an active database of I.T. professionals with various expertises to help your organization find your next I.T. resource by reducing some of the challenges and time constraints you deal with when a deliverable is right around the corner.

    Our focus is on listening, understanding our client environments and taking ownership in their challenges. We will be successful in partnering with you to generate a number of potential candidates to suit your needs.

    We have developed four key technical resource areas:

  • Outsourced Recruiting

    Norleaf provides valuable outsourced recruiting solutions to organizations that need multiple technical resources in order to meet specific deadlines. We create a dedicated team that includes an Account Manager, Recruiter and Technical Subject Matter Expert and assign them to your organization. This team works together with the client to assess the skills required, source and screen candidates (both for technical and organizational fit) to meet the needs of your company.
  • Technical Consulting

    Norleaf is able to augment diverse technical teams, through technical consulting solutions, with specific experience to meet project deliverables. This service helps with challenges such as increasing head count or re-allocating people from other teams that may not have the right skills. This service is beneficial for organizations that need to bring in specific skills for a specific period of time.
  • Technical Recruiting

    Norleaf can identify technical candidates with specific experiences that will fit into a particular environment for permanent or term positions. In this service, we take the time to meet with each candidate we recommend to introduce the opportunity and discuss the requirements. This also ensures that clients are productively utilizing their time when interviewing candidates.
  • Technical Outsourcing

    Norleaf engages in outsourcing a number of technical projects for our clients. This service focuses on specific technical deliverables that are of priority to the client. By carefully listening to the needs of our clients, we are able to build and deliver the right solution in a variety of technical areas.
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